Justin Bieber’s vocal producer sues Scooter Braun for breach of contract


A guy who says he’s spent years electronically tuning Justin Bieber‘s vocals has sued the singer’s manager, Scooter Braun, over money he says he was promised from the sales of Justin’s music.

According to Billboard, Chris “Tek” O’Ryan is a vocal producer, whose job it is to make singer’s vocals sound perfect.  In his lawsuit, O’Ryan says he helped “polish and finesse” Justin’s vocals, not only in the studio, but also for live performances on film and TV. The first song he says he worked on was Justin’s signature hit, “Baby.”

O’Ryan used to receive $1,200 to $1,500 per track, but in 2018, he requested $2,000 per track, plus a “point” — that is, 1% of the master recording revenue. O’Ryan claims an executive at Braun’s company agreed to the deal, but then the company subsequently reneged.

When O’Ryan asked to be paid for working on Justin’s JUSTICE album — including the hits “Holy,” “Lonely” and “Anyone” — he claims he was told by Justin’s team that “his entitlement to a point on any recordings was considered to be purely within their discretion, and that he could not necessarily expect to receive a royalty on any” of the tracks.

As Billboard reports, in his suit, O’Ryan claims that Braun wrote to him, “We didn’t know you are on some songs and some songs I have given too many [points] to the producers.” O’Ryan claims this is an admission by Braun that he’d given O’Ryan’s points to someone else.

O’Ryan also claims that after working with Justin for nearly 10 years, he’s not properly credited on some of the star’s songs, including “Despacito.”  He’s seeking “monetary damages in an amount to be proven at trial.”

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