Katy Perry goes baby-item shopping with Oprah and Gayle


Katy Perry joins Oprah Winfrey and her bestie Gayle King for the second episode of Oprah Daily’s OG Chronicles: Joy Ride.

In this installment of the Oprah and Gayle roadtrip series, Katy meets them at a children’s store called Chicken Little in Santa Barbara, CA, where she helps Gayle shop for her daughter, who’s about to have a baby.

Katy herself became a new mom last year to Daisy Dove, and she tells Oprah and Gayle, “It’s everything I was looking for. I climbed all the mountains and then I found the view.”

While shopping for baby things, Katy shows the two women how to swaddle a baby and how to use a collapsible stroller. She also recommends her favorite products and weighs in on what Gayle’s future grandson will call her. For the record, Gayle wants to be called Gaia instead of grandma, but Oprah thinks it’s “pretentious.”

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