Katy Perry has no Las Vegas advice for Adele — but does have a suggestion for a new James Bond


Katy Perry started her Las Vegas residency PLAY last month, and Adele is starting hers this Friday night. But Katy says when it comes to performing in Sin City, she really can’t offer the “Easy on Me” star any advice.

“She’s good. She’s Adele. She’ll be great,” Katy told the British radio station KISS. “I’ll probably be at the show with, like, a [glass of] Syrah in hand, and tears down my face. I’m [her] number-one fan.”

The one bit of wisdom that Katy did share about doing a residency is that after she’s done performing, she flies right back home to L.A.

“The key to surviving in Vegas is not staying in Vegas,” she explained. “I did all of that in my 20s and I’m so glad that camera phones were not as prolific back then.”

Katy also had some advice about an iconic British figure other than Adele. When the deejay told Katy that since she does her own stunts in her Vegas show, she could be a good candidate for the next James Bond, Katy brushed it off.

“I mean, that would be great, but it would really upset my fiancé, who I think should be the next 007,” Katy said, referring to her partner Orlando Bloom.

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