Katy Perry’s “Harleys in Hawaii” enjoys new popularity, thanks to TikTok


Katy Perry’s 2019 song “Harleys in Hawaii” is having a resurgence, thanks to TikTok.

A slowed-down version of the track — specifically, the part where Katy sings “you and I” and holds the last note — is being used to soundtrack various videos on the platform.

It’s even bumped the song’s sales and streaming in the U.K., according to Official Charts Company. It’s currently Katy’s most popular track on Spotify.

Katy acknowledged the song’s renewed popularity, using it in one of her own TikTok videos to promote her shoe brand. She also tweeted a reference to it this week.

Charlie Puth, who co-wrote the song, also acknowledged the trend, duetting with one of the TikTok videos with the caption, “Why do all of these songs I made years ago keep blowing up all of the sudden?”

He added, “I mean I’ll take it!!”

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