Kelly Clarkson says ‘The Voice’ has never had a coach like Ariana Grande before


The new season hasn’t aired yet, but Ariana Grande has already been gushing about her time on The Voice. On the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night, it was fellow coach Kelly Clarkson‘s turn to gush.

“I love her!” Kelly said of Ariana. “We had actually run into each other a couple of times before, but not really like, been able to talk and she so’s funny. Like, very witty.”

“We’ve already taped everything up to the lives, and she’s hysterical,” she continued.

Kelly adds that The Voice has never had a coach quite like Ariana. “I’ve only been there for eight seasons, but in all my seasons, I’ve never heard a coach talk about vocal health as much, and I’m like, ‘I guess we should have mentioned that,"” she laughed. “No one’s ever mentioned it, and she’s really into it.”

Over the weekend, Ariana posted one of her looks from the show and captioned it, “One month @nbcthevoice ! you just ….. have no idea. i love this show and everyone involved so much and yes, i will continue saying this repeatedly until september 20th goodbye.”

The new season of The Voice premieres September 20 on NBC.

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