Kenny G says he was “gung ho” to star in new HBO doc exploring why some people hate his music


Listening to Kenny G, a documentary about the chart-topping saxophonist that explores why so many people hate his music, premieres on HBO today.  Surprisingly, Kenny G himself was all-in to participate, especially after meeting director Penny Lane.

“It took me no convincing,” Kenny tells ABC Audio. “Honestly, [I was] super-flattered that there was even interest in something like this. So meeting Penny…we became instant friends and I just felt like I could trust her with this subject matter, which is me. I was gung-ho all the way.”

The documentary’s trailer shows numerous music critics disparaging his work, and a montage of pop culture references to how terrible he is.  Did Kenny ask Lane for any edits?

“She made one edit that made it better for me, but I wanted more,” he laughs. “In the studio, I’m used to being the guy that has the final say-so over anything that has to do with me and my music. And she wouldn’t budge!”

“But…I trust her,” Kenny adds. “If she says, ‘That makes the film better,’ then I trust that that’s true.”

Kenny says above all, he’s glad the movie shows “how hard I work at it…because I want them to know that…here’s a musician that’s really working really hard to give his audience the best performance that he can.”

In one scene, someone asks how Kenny’s feeling, and he replies, “Underappreciated.”  So, now, does he finally feel appreciated?

“I’m going to say I do,” he admits. “Because of my experience when I’m out there and working and playing for people, and I hear the response…and the things that they want to share with me about my music and how it’s been part of their lives.”

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