Lady Gaga reveals why her father “went absolutely crazy” over her role in ‘House of Gucci’


Lady Gaga‘s role in House of Gucci has earned her several awards and nominations, as well as the Icon Award at the Palm Springs International Film Awards.  But according to her father, Gaga’s real reward was getting to be in the same movie as one of her co-stars: Al Pacino.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Gaga said, “I can assure you, we’ve never heard such a bellowing sound out of my father. My Italian father went absolutely crazy. ‘Pacino?! Pacino?! No! Stefani!’ He was so excited, my mother was excited, my sister was excited, everybody in my family was excited…It was such a great privilege.”

Gaga added of Pacino, “He taught me so much. For those who don’t have the honor of knowing him, I’ll tell you, he’s everything that you want in your favorite actor to be…He’s so talented, it’s seeping out of his pores.”

And now that Gaga has worked opposite Pacino, she says she has her eye on another Oscar winner as a future co-star.

“I have to say…I would love to work with Tom Hanks,” she told ET. “I think he is one of the most brilliant actors of all time.”  Gaga added that she’s “always looked up to Meryl Streep,” gushing, “She is the greatest female actress of all time. Her commitment to her role is unparalleled. Glenn Close as well.”

Gaga will find out on February 8 whether she’s received an Oscar nomination for House of Gucci, which is coming to digital home video on February 1.

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