Latto opens up about working with Mariah Carey: “She was so genuine”


Latto sampled Mariah Carey‘s 1995 hit “Fantasy” for her bop “Big Energy” and, now, the two ladies have come together for a brand new remix.

The 23-year-old rapper sat down with fans on Twitter to answer some of their burning questions and, obviously, the conversation gravitated toward her hot new collaboration.

When one wanted to know how the remix came to be, Latto revealed she first wanted to approach Mariah “in like November” when the song “first started going up” the charts.  While she “didn’t think I could get her realistically,” Latto said she eventually “said f*** it and reached out. She was down.”

Latto also answered questions about what it was like jumping into the recording studio with the legendary singer and admitted to having a few butterflies in her stomach prior to meeting Mariah.

“I was sooooo nervous,” Latto confessed, adding she had no idea what to say. The “Wheelie” artist explained she had no reason to psych herself out because, “The conversation just floweddd she was so genuine and I definitely was overthinking.”

As for what it was like sitting in the recording booth with Mariah, Latto said, “We was sipping on her liquor Black Irish & just kicking it.”

Latto has high hopes for the remix and previously told fans, “FYI this might be Mariah’s 20th and my 1st #1” on the Billboard Hot 100.  We’ll see if it makes it to the top!

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