Madonna gets tattoo in honor of late mother: “I’m bleeding for her”


Madonna only started getting tattoos in the last couple of years but now she has quite a few, including an “X” for her Madame X album, and the initials of her six children.  Now, she’s gotten inked again…as a tribute to her late mother.

The Queen of Pop posted video of herself getting the French word “maman,” which means “mom,” on her wrist.  As the tattoo artist works on the design, he wipes away blood. “I’m doing this for my mother,” Madonna explains. “‘Cause when you give birth, what do you do? You bleed. It’s all connected.”

Madonna’s mother, Madonna Louise Fortin Ciccone, died of breast cancer in December of 1963, when the future superstar was five years old. In the video, Madonna explains to her son David that she chose the word “maman” because, she notes, “I can’t put my mother’s name because it’s the same as mine. I would look like I put my own damn name on my arm!”

Showing off the finished project, Madonna says, “My mother bled for me, and so I’m bleeding for her. It’s a family affair.”

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