Meghan Trainor’s “super-lucky” that for her, every day is “take your child to work day”


Since becoming a mom, Meghan Trainor has pivoted from music to TV, because it allows her to spend more time with her son Riley — and the Grammy winner says she knows how lucky she is to be able to have that option.

Along with Adam Lambert and others, Meghan will be a judge on the upcoming reality competition show on E! called Clash of the Cover Bands.  She’ll also be the host of a new Top Chef spinoff called Top Chef Family Style, which will stream on Peacock.  In both cases, she gets to work a normal day and return home in the evening, with the added bonus of Riley being able to join her on set.  It’s quite a change from her previous life as a globe-traveling pop star.

“Yeah, it’s my dream and I still get to, like, come home and be working on music whenever I can,” Meghan tells ABC Audio. “And I just love that I don’t have to travel, honestly!”  She laughs, “Like, I don’t even know…I couldn’t even picture me dragging him on a plane right now.  It seems like a lot of work!

“I’m just so happy that we can drive 10 minutes to work and do our work and he gets to come with me,” she notes. “So many moms out there can’t bring their child to work every day. And I get to do that. So I’m super-lucky and I know how blessed I am. So it’s been awesome!”

So far, neither show has a premiere date set.  Meghan’s most recent album was A Very Trainor Christmas, which came out in October of 2020.

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