Michael Bolton sings the clues as co-host of ABC’s ‘Celebrity Dating Game’


Michael Bolton is a master at love songs and now he’s helping some of your favorite stars find love on ABC’s new Celebrity Dating Game.

The singer, who is co-hosting the show with New Girl actress Zooey Deschanel, says he signed on to the project because it featured two of his favorite things: music and comedy.

“The really final deciding factor was the music,” he tells ABC Audio. “It’s a lot of work, because there are a lot of songs and I’m singing them to give clues so that the contestants can guess who the celebrity [guest] is.”

Tonight’s episode features former Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars champ Hannah Brown and comedian Nicole Byer. To help the potential suitors guess the identity of the celeb they’re courting, Michael will be singing a clue-filled parody of “I Found Someone” for Hannah’s suitors and “Wind Beneath My Wings” for Nicole’s.

While he’s not allowed to nudge guests or suitors in any kind of direction, he does have some general love advice to impart.

“It’s always to trust your instincts with someone,” Michael says. “And someone asked me to describe the perfect date and the perfect date is when you’re sitting down for dinner and you feel like you’ve known someone all your life.”

Celebrity Dating Game premieres Monday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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