Michael Bublé (jokingly) throws a fit because Ryan Reynolds can sing


Last week, Ryan Reynolds surprised everyone when he jumped on the #GraceKellyChallenge TikTok trend, where people harmonize with themselves while singing the song “Grace Kelly” by Mika.  The surprise was that the Deadpool star actually has an amazing singing voice — which Michael Bublé was dismayed to learn.

Michael has posted a whole TikTok in which he jokingly complains that not only is Reynolds a handsome actor with a great body who also stars in his own superhero franchise and runs several businesses on the side, but he can sing, too — which means Reynolds is horning in on his territory.

“So, last week, we found out that Ryan Reynolds can sing, too,” seethes Michael. “He’s a freakin’ super hero! Every business you touch, bam! Turns gold! With muscles! Abs everywhere!”

Michael then breathes into a paper bag to calm his anxiety and continues ranting, “Singing? That’s MY thing! That’s my thing. That’s MY special talent. That’s what the Bublé man is known for!”  He then collapses on a couch, throws some pillows and pouts.

One fan tried to make Michael feel better by reminding him, “It’s okay though, you’ll always have Christmas!

But of course, the whole thing is a joke: Michael’s was just poking fun at a fellow Canadian star.


It’s taken me a solid week to process this discovery @vancityreynolds … and Thanks a lot @tiktok ! ##ryanreynolds ##willferrell

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