Michael Bublé reveals he will never place his career over his children’s needs


Michael Bublé is many things, but above all else, he admits he’s a bit of a “dramatic b****.”

Speaking to iNews, the “I’ll Never Not Love You” singer revealed he and wife Luisana Lopilato are polar opposites.  While she’s the calm, cool and collected one — he’s not.

“My wife would tell you that my life is high drama. I would tell you that I’m easy-going, but actually I’m a dramatic b****,” he confessed. “I love the drama. I think you’ve gotta love it to perform. It’s part of what makes me creative.” 

Michael said his drama fed into him being a workaholic. “I sometimes feel like a little gerbil going round and round who doesn’t know where it’s going,” he admitted, but says he has a much healthier work/life balance. After his eight-year-old son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer and is now in remission, Michael said he’ll “work hard, but I will never allow it to take over my life again.”

“I’ll never shirk my responsibilities of being a dad. I just know it’ll end in tears,” said Michael. “I would rather look back and think, ‘If I had worked harder, I could have sold more records and had bigger grosses on the tour.’ I can accept that — but I can’t accept thinking, ‘If only I had been with my kids more."”

Michael also says his kids inherited his flair for the dramatic, acting like they “were being dragged off to a camp of death and would never be seen again” after their maternal grandparents left to go back to Argentina after waiting out the pandemic at their house.

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