Michael Bublé’s got the perfect gift idea for that Michael Bublé fan in your life

It’s officially holiday shopping season, and if you’re looking for a gift for that Michael Bublé fan in your life, Michael recommends the 10th Anniversary Super Deluxe Box Set version of his album Christmas. It comes with cool stuff like cards, wrapping paper, an ornament, a CD of bonus tracks, a DVD, the original album on both CD and vinyl and a lithograph personally autographed by Michael. But that last item, he admits, was a mistake.

“I had the idea that I wanted to sign a lithograph for each [box set]. I had something like 18 boxes of three thousand [lithographs],” he tells ABC Audio.  He laughs, “I spent days and days and days with a Sharpie in my hand, signing my name, going, ‘I hate you, Michael Bublé! You’re so stupid. Why did you think this was a good idea? Idiot.’ I’m never signing my name again!”

The box set costs $200, but Michael thinks it’s worth it. “People are getting this really substantial set for fans of me, or this holiday. I think it’s something that has a lot of value for them, and it’s one of those collector’s items,” he notes.

The box set might make a good Hanukkah gift, too: The eight-day Jewish holiday officially started last night. In fact, Michael specifically included a scene of a family celebrating Hanukkah in his new video for “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” — not to be “politically correct,” he says, but to “have the sense of what this holiday is about.”

He adds, “And if you’ll notice, at the very end of the video, you’ll see that I had, not just Christmas, but…all of these different holidays for all different religions…in a nice heart — y’know, to spread that love.” 

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