Now you can get Justin Bieber’s own brand of marijuana in California, in real life


In his song “Peaches,” Justin Bieber sings, “I get my weed in California.”  But now, fans can to get Justin’s own brand of weed in California, and in Nevada.

Ad Age reports that Justin has teamed with an LA company called Palms to sell a line of limited-edition pre-rolled joints called “Peaches.” The seven-pack of joints costs $32, which includes a custom Bic lighter.

According to the Palms website, some of the proceeds are going to two charities: the Last Prisoner Project and Veterans Walk and Talk.  The latter group represents veterans who advocate for cannabis as medicine, while the former works to free people convicted for pot possession.

In a statement, Justin says, “I’m a fan of Palms and what they are doing by making cannabis approachable and helping to destigmatize it –- especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health.”

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