Olivia Rodrigo has “a title…and a few songs” for her next album


Olivia Rodrigo is about to head out on her first headline tour to support her record-breaking debut album, SOUR, but she’s already started work on its follow up.

Speaking to Billboard, Olivia reveals, “I have a title for my next album and a few songs. It’s really exciting to think about the next world that’s coming up for me. I just love writing songs. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself. [I want to] just sort of explore and have fun right now.”

Once again, Olivia’s working with Dan Nigro, with whom she co-wrote most of SOUR.  Olivia notes, “The craziness of SOUR being out in the world was something that really only Dan and I could relate to, and I think that has brought us closer together. I trust him so much and really enjoy the music we’ve been making.”

As for pressure to follow up such a successful album, Olivia — whom Billboard has named its Woman of the Year — says, “It’s definitely a different experience writing a second album after having a debut that was so well received. I still write so much of my music in my bedroom though, and I don’t think that experience will ever change.

Olivia also shares what she feels was her most “pinch me” moment: going to the White House to meet President Biden and help promote the COVID-19 vaccine.

She says, “The whole time I was in the White House having this incredible experience, I was just thinking about how I got to do it because I wrote a bunch of songs in my bedroom!”

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