Producer says it was Ryan Goslings idea to use Taylor Swift song for The Fall Guy


If you only know one thing about The Fall Guy, it’s probably that in one scene Ryan Gosling‘s character sits in a car and cries while listening to Taylor Swift‘s song “All Too Well.” It turns out the filmmakers were going to use a different song, until Gosling stepped in.

Producer Kelly McCormick tells Vanity Fair that The Fall Guy’s director, David Leitch, who’s also her husband, initially had a tune by late singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson playing in that scene. “But it felt a little melodramatic to me in a bad way,” she says. McCormick says around the same time Gosling asked if they should try a Taylor song in the scene.

Accord to McCormick, her husband was against the idea until they went to see the Eras Tour. McCormick says David was blown away by Taylor’s performance of the 10-minute version of the song. 

“The first time we dropped it in, we knew there was no going back, and we were going to be really upset if we couldn’t get it,” McCormick says.

Luckily, according to McCormick, “Taylor is actually really open to sharing her music with film. We showed her what we had cut, and there were no notes. Thankfully, she … didn’t price herself so far out of our budget that we weren’t able to include her.”

According to Vanity Fair, Taylor hasn’t seen the movie yet, but she did praise the comedic version of “All Too Well” that Gosling and co-star Emily Blunt did on Saturday Night Live on April 13. On her Instagram Story at the time, she wrote, “Watch me accidentally catch myself singing this version on tour.”


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