Report: Adele considering Las Vegas residency at either Caesars Palace or Park MGM


Rumors that Adele was looking to do a Las Vegas residency have been swirling for years.  As far back as 2017, and as recently as August, The Las Vegas Review-Journal has reported that the star is looking for a performance home in Sin City.  But now, it looks like it’s actually happening.

Now that Adele finally has new music coming, with her new single “Easy on Me” arriving next week, sources tell Billboard that the Grammy-winning singer is indeed considering a residency for 2022. What’s more, she’s reportedly narrowed it down to either the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, or the Park Theater at the Park MGM Las Vegas.

The deal, which has been in the works for several weeks, would be the extent of Adele’s touring plans in 2022, sources confirmed to Billboard. The publication notes that her team hasn’t asked to “hold” any dates in arena or stadiums for her for next year — at least not in North America.

While experts say Adele could make as much as $200 million if she did a world tour, sources tell Billboard a Vegas residency appeals to her because she could easily travel back and forth to Los Angeles, and not have to be away from her son for very long. 

What’s more, since Vegas tickets can be super-expensive, and Adele wouldn’t have to pay the costs associated with dragging a huge tour around the globe, she might come out ahead, financially. She could also choose to tour in between performing a multi-year residency, as Celine Dion did.

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