Right here waiting…for another book: Richard Marx has even more ‘Stories to Tell’


Richard Marx‘s memoir Stories to Tell came out recently.  It features dozens of tales of him working with everyone from Lionel Richie, Barbra Streisand and Luther Vandross to *NSYNC, Josh Groban and Keith Urban — plus the scoop on how he wrote all his hits.  However, Richard says he’ll probably write a second volume, because he left so many things out of the first one.

“Yeah, I mean, I like the idea of maybe writing another book, or more multiple books that might be fiction, that might be different,” he tells ABC Audio. “I’ve got a couple of ideas for books now, just like I would have ideas for albums or songs.”

But mostly, Richard wants to do another chapter of his memoir because he now has what you might call “author regret.”

“There comes a point when…as an author, your publisher says, ‘That’s it. There’s no more time, there’s no more changes, this is it. You’ve approved this. There’s no going back now,"” he explains. “And from that point on, we’d be hiking, and I’d say to [my wife] Daisy, ‘Ohhhhh, I completely forgot this story…!!!!"”

“I left out so many stories that I just didn’t remember,” Richard adds. “So, yeah, there’s a whole ‘nother volume of stories. There are More Stories to Tell. That’s the gag-inducing title.”

It’s hard to imagine how Richard is going to top the story of that time he was held hostage by the Chinese mafia in Taiwan, but we’re sure he’ll come up with something.

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