Shania said it was OK: Taylor Swift jumps on TikTok’s “Mama Said” trend


Taylor Swift is getting in on TikTok’s “Mama Said” trend, which uses Lukas Graham‘s track “Mama Said” to indicate that you’ve been given permission, literally or metaphorically, to do a certain thing.

In Taylor’s case, she’s posted a video herself with the caption, “Country Girls Can’t Go Pop.”  As she shrugs, the line “Mama said that it was O.K./Mama said that it was quite all right” comes up and we see an image of Shania Twain — the original country-turned-pop queen — in one of her classic videos.

Next is an image of Shania in a sparkly outfit, followed by a picture of Shania and Taylor hugging each other, and then one of them together onstage at the American Music Awards.

“Learned from the best,” Taylor added in the caption.

Lukas, meanwhile, reacted to the trend by tweeting a few days ago, “Still a little dumbfounded that my song #mamasaid has gone viral all over the place half a decade after first being released but my #mamasaiditwasok.”

Oh, and speaking of country girls going pop, Lukas’ new song, “Call My Name,” is out now, featuring backup vocals by female country star Mickey Guyton.


Learned from the best ????‍♀️ ##mamasaid ##swifttok ????: Getty Images by Jeff Kravitz and Denise Truscello

♬ Mama Said – Lukas Graham

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