Shania Twain says she may swap out “Brad Pitt” for “Harry Styles” at Glastonbury festival


Shania Twain says that she might change one of her most iconic lyrics when she performs on the Legends Stage at the prestigious Glastonbury Festival in England on June 30.

While being interviewed on the BBC podcast Sidetracked, Shania was asked about her hit “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” in which she famously says, “O.K., so you’re Brad Pitt.” Specifically, she was asked if she ever changed to the lyrics to reflect “a different man of the time.”

Shania said she once changed the lyrics to name-check fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds, because he happened to be in the audience. But she also revealed she feels the Brad Pitt of today is her friend Harry Styles.

“I sort of see Brad Pitt as a James Dean of his generation,” she said. “And I see Harry Styles as that as well, of his generation. He’s rugged but pretty; it like a charm that he has. I would say Harry Styles.”

Then she tried the lyric on — “O.K., so you’re Harry Styles” — and noted, “I should do that!”

In other Shania news, on Friday she’s releasing a new single called “White Claw,” a collaboration with rapper/singer Yung Gravy. Or, as Shania wrote on Instagram, “Gravy Twain, baby!”

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