Sting makes an “excellent cameo” in Hulu’s new series ‘Only Murders In The Building,’ says Steve Martin


The new series Only Murders in the Building debuts Tuesday on Hulu. It stars Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short as neighbors who make a true crime podcast while investigating a murder in their apartment building. Randomly, Sting makes a cameo as another resident of the apartment building, and Steve Martin tells ABC Audio that the rocker was so perfect during his appearance that it was annoying.

Calling Sting’s cameo “excellent,” the legendary comic actor declares, “He came in completely prepared, knew all his lines, he sang, he was game, he was funny, [and] charming off the set.”

“He sat and did the English cryptic crossword puzzle…in the Financial Times, which no one can do, and was completely charming and game,” Martin adds, mock-complaining, “I kind of hope he’s the murderer!”

Martin also jokes that he’s miffed that Sting ignored his offer to help him out musically.  The comedian, who’s also a Grammy-winning banjo player — really! — tells ABC Audio, “I think he’s hard of hearing, ’cause I said to him, ‘Hey Sting! Want me to play banjo on your next record?’ And it was like he didn’t hear it!” 

Sting appears briefly in the trailer for Only Murders in the Building, but how he fits into the plot is a mystery — for now.

(Trailer contains uncensored profanity.)

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