The Jonas Brothers keep it together by being each others’ “support system,” says Joe


When The Jonas Brothers aren’t together on tour or making music, they all seem to have a million other projects in the works. Joe Jonas admits that there was a time that he saw that as a threat to the group — but not any more.

“Years ago, I thought that if one thing was going, then I would have to hit a pause button on something else,” he tells People. “When me and my brothers decided to get back together, we said, ‘Let’s never do that to our creativity ever again. Let’s really be supportive. If we want to go down the road of discovery, then let’s all be for it and not hold back."”

“I’m so very grateful that I have that support system of the brothers,” he adds. It’s a good thing he’s got that support system, because he’s just started up his side project, DNCE, again after a four-year hiatus.

On top of that, he’s also a judge on the upcoming MTV reality show Becoming a Pop Star, and he stars in an upcoming action war drama called Devotion. Oh, yeah — he’s also appearing in a new campaign for Tanqueray, and then, there are those rumors that he’s going to be dad again.

“I make a gratitude list every morning,” says Joe. “And usually top of the list is just that I’m grateful that I’m able to do this still, and that I have this opportunity to travel and tour…So very, very, very glad and proud of what we’ve gotten to accomplish so far.”

In June, Joe and brothers Nick and Kevin will kick off a five-night residency in Las Vegas.

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