Watch Katy Perry help you find the perfect color to fit the perfect song


Are you one of those people who sees or thinks in colors when they hear music? Well, that’s technically called “synesthesia,” but it’s also apparently the theme of a new ad campaign that teams Katy Perry with BEHR paints and Spotify.

The idea of the “Music In Color” campaign is that every song suggests a specific color — a BEHR paint color, natch.  If you go to and type in any song on Spotify — let’s say it’s Katy’s hit “Teenage Dream” — it’ll analyze it and tell you, “This song is in the key of…” and then it’ll display a BEHR paint color. For “Teenage Dream,” it’s a light-blue color called “Sea of Tranquility.” 

If you plug in, say, Harry Styles‘ “Watermelon Sugar,” you find out its color is “Joyful Orange.”  A classic like Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believin"”?  It’s a greenish shade called “Beta Fish.” Fun, right?

However, it should be noted that all the colors you’ll see are chosen from the 12 in what BEHR calls its Katy Palette.  In a one-minute short film, Katy shows off the palette by literally dialing up her hits. As she does so, she and the white room she’s in are automatically transformed into a different color.  “Never Really Over” is yellow, “Waking Up in Vegas” is red, and so on.

“When I write a song, I almost always have a simultaneous sense of the accompanying visual — whether that’s a strong music video idea or just a color palette vibe. It was amazing to see my colors come to life with the Behr Music In Color,” says Katy in a statement.

So, if you want your bedroom to have the vibe of, let’s say, Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” you can now use this tool and find out that it’s…light green?


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