What’s next for Adele’s “Cirque on steroids” Las Vegas residency?


Last week, Adele hit pause on her Las Vegas residency Weekends with Adele because, she said, “My show ain’t ready.” So when might we actually see it?  Well, one Vegas entertainment expert says getting Adele back on the schedule at Caesars Palace may be challenging.

First of all, Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John Katsilometes, who covers the Sin City entertainment scene, tells ABC Audio that Adele’s show was going to be a huge production. “They wanted a lake on the stage. There were water trucks outside the loading dock at the Colosseum,” he says.

“One person who was familiar with the production — two people actually — told me that there was going to be, like, a storm inside created for her. There was an aerial [effect] to lift her around…[a] choir that was contracted out of Las Vegas, 60 singers to sing ‘Skyfall,"” he continues.

“A giant staircase was being assembled for this. It was a lot,” he adds. “A friend of mine, who has worked in Cirque du Soleil, said it was ‘Cirque on steroids’ that they were planning over there.”

Then, there’s the issue of scheduling.

“There’s no way you can return Adele to the stage until after the summer and into the fall, because the schedule is booked up,” Katsilometes says of the Colosseum. “They’ve taken her equipment out. Her set pieces have all been hauled out…work has stopped inside the theater.” 

Katsilometes says currently, his sense is that the show is “more like an ‘if’ than a ‘when."”

“I think that that’s got to be on the table, because Caesars Entertainment/Live Nation…they have a venue to fill,” he explains “And if they can’t guarantee that the show is going to be ready to go on a certain date and for an extended period of time…? It’s like the classic line ‘We have a business to run,’ y’know?”

Katsilometes suggests that to make it up to fans, Adele should simply “do the show.” 

“Reset it, explain what’s going on and say…’We’re going to give you guys a show that you expect,"” he says. “[And]…put people’s minds at ease.”

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