Why Bebe Rexha “didn’t even remember recording” her hit “I’m Good (Blue)”


Imagine realizing that a song that’s currently blowing up on TikTok is something you recorded years ago — and then completely forgot about. That’s what happened to “Meant to Be” singer Bebe Rexha with “I’m Good (Blue),” the reworking of the 1998 Eiffel 65 hit “Blue (Da Ba Dee),” which she did with superstar French DJ David Guetta.

“We wrote the song four years ago, [and] David end[ed] up playing it at a festival a week later, just to test it out for fun,” Bebe told ABC Audio. “We didn’t think anything of it. And somebody posted the video on YouTube. Somebody takes it from YouTube, puts it on TikTok, remixes it … I didn’t even remember recording the song!”

When she stumbled across it on TikTok, Bebe says, “I was like, ‘Oh dang! We had an idea of remixing this song. I wish we would have went through with it!’ And I had somebody on my team be like, ‘No, Bebe. That’s you."”

After that, Bebe recalls, “People were asking for it every day. And they were like, ‘Where’s the song? … How come we can’t find it?” Since a professional recording of the song didn’t exist, Bebe had to redo it. “I had to recut all the vocals, and then restructure the song and then write a new part,” she explains.

Since being officially released, the song’s become a top 10 smash, and Bebe partially credits its success to the current nostalgia for the early years of the millennium.

“I think people are just loving the 2000s right now and the resurgence of it,” Bebe told ABC Audio. “And I think everybody’s wanting to feel good and happy. And I think it’s just the perfect mix of, like, everybody wanting to party, feel happy — and the 2000s.”

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