Hunter Biden juror calls trial waste of taxpayers dollars, says texts were key evidence


(WILMINGTON, Del.) — A Delaware woman who was on the jury for Hunter Biden’s federal trial told ABC News that the case was “a waste of taxpayers’ dollars,” but in the end she and her fellow jurors were able to come together with little disagreement.

The 51-year-old juror, who asked not to be identified, said President Joe Biden’s son needed help for his addictions and did not need to receive any prison time for his convictions.

“I don’t think that anyone who is a nonviolent drug addict should be in prison. Just fine him. We know he did something wrong. Just fine him. He needs help,” she said.

It took the jury less than a day to come to their decision to convict Hunter Biden of two counts related to false statements in purchasing the firearm and a count of illegally obtaining a firearm while addicted to drugs.

The juror said politics were not a factor in the decision and the jury worked well, “considering who his father is and the political climate in this country.”

“It turned out better than I expected. There was no fighting in the jury room,” she said.

“When we took [the] first vote on count one we were split 50-50, but then when we went down and read each count and you broke it down and you heard each person’s opinion, that made sense,” the juror plained. “That’s why we found him guilty on all three.”

The key evidence was the text messages between Hunter Biden and others before and following the gun purchase.

“It did show in my opinion that he was trying to get drugs,” she said.

The juror said that no other jurors brought up Hunter Biden’s addiction or mental health problems during the deliberations.

She reiterated that she felt that Hunter Biden should get help for those issues.

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