Teen pays tribute to late mom with graduation photoshoot


(GEORGIA) — A Georgia teen honored his late mother through a graduation photoshoot.

KJ Morgan’s mother Teresa Colbert died from cancer on May 19, 2019, near the end of his freshman year at Northside High School. In preparation for his graduation this May, Morgan, 17, did a photoshoot with his mom’s portrait and wore a custom stole with photos of her on it.

“When she was here, we’d always talk about how I was going to graduate and I was going to be the one crying and she was going to be the one laughing and screaming,” Morgan told “Good Morning America.”

Morgan was supposed to graduate in May 2022, he said, but his mom’s death pushed him to work harder and graduate a year early.

“She was already not here,” he said. “So I was like, ‘Why don’t you just graduate early and make it 10 times more better?"”

In order to accomplish that, Morgan said he took college classes at Central Georgia Technical College in addition to his regular high school course load.

“From January to May, I took eight classes and for the summer semester I had five classes,” he said.

Morgan’s early graduation was even more special to him he said, because he had to miss class to take care of his mom.

“I missed so many school days taking care of my mom,” he said. “So my ninth grade year, I was failing classes back to back yet I still managed to graduate a whole year early. It just put the cherry on top for me. It did it for me to know that my mom wouldn’t be disappointed in me. … I just wanted to make her proud and this was my way of making her proud.”

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