Trump endorses GOP Rep. Bob Goods primary challenger — a blow to the House Freedom Caucus chair


(WASHINGTON) — Rep. Bob Good is learning that lack of complete loyalty has consequences in Donald Trump’s political world.

The former president on Tuesday endorsed the Virginia Republican’s primary challenger, state legislator John McGuire, creating an uphill battle for the House Freedom Caucus chair who hopes to keep his seat.

“Bob Good is BAD FOR VIRGINIA, AND BAD FOR THE USA. He turned his back on our incredible movement, and was constantly attacking and fighting me until recently, when he gave a warm and ‘loving’ Endorsement – But really, it was too late,” Trump posted on his social media platform.

During the 2024 GOP presidential primaries, Good endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, saying then that he wanted to back a candidate who had the ability to serve eight full years in the White House.

When DeSantis dropped out in Jan. 21, Good, on the same day, immediately endorsed Trump for president, calling him “the greatest president of my lifetime” as he worked to get back in the good graces of the former president who is known for holding grudges.

Before Trump made his official endorsement on Tuesday, Good was touting Trump’s endorsement of him in 2022 on his campaign website. The website was then updated to reflect the caveat that Trump hadn’t endorsed Good in his 2024 race.

Then, in order to further show his support for Trump, Good traveled to Manhattan less than two weeks ago to attend Trump’s New York hush money trial. He was joined by a group of GOP lawmakers including Reps. Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, Michael Cloud, Eli Crane, Matt Gaetz, Diana Harshbarger, Anna Paulina Luna, Ralph Norman and Andy Ogles.

McGuire, Good’s challenger, also attended court that same day.

“We are President Trump’s voice. We have his back. He will ultimately be proven innocent,” Good told reporters outside the courthouse on May 16.

However, Trump said “the damage had been done.”

McGuire thanked the former president for his endorsement on X, writing “We can do better than Good.” McGuire has sought to frame himself as an “America First” candidate, closely aligning himself with Trump as he slammed Good’s loyalty to him.

In his endorsement message, Trump went on to praise McGuire’s service as a Navy Seal, adding that he is “strong on crime, will protect our great Military/Vets, and will always defend our under siege Second Amendment.”

However, Trump isn’t the only high-profile Republican to back McGuire. Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy also threw his support behind McGuire, using his large political infrastructure to target Good, who was one of the eight Republican lawmakers who voted alongside Democrats to oust McCarthy from his speakership role last year.

Good and McGuire will face off in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District GOP primary on June 18. The seat is solidly Republican and whichever candidate is successful in June is believed to have an easy path to victory during the general election cycle.

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