Golf newbie? Pro golfer Max Homa shares three tips on how to improve your swing


Not everyone has a powerhouse swing like pro golfer Max Homa, this year’s Genesis Invitational winner.  However, some people have yet to pick up a golf club out of fear of looking like a fool. But he tells ABC Audio everyone should give the sport he loves a chance, and shares three tips for golf newbies.

“First off… rhythm and tempo,” said the 30-year-old, explaining the importance of taking time to get comfortable with swinging the club so your strokes are “nice and long and slow.”

“You don’t need to be quick — its two big turns,” he assured.  “You turn your shoulders way back [when winding up] and then you turn your lower body weight around the opposite way on the way through. As long as that feels long and smooth, that’s usually a pretty good starting point.”

Homa’s second point is “look at a picture of somebody like Tiger Woods [and their] golf grip because that’s a big deal. How they hold the golf club is about as important as it gets.”

The two-time PGA Tour winner says learning how to properly hold the club will help “you look like you know what you’re doing.”

The last point is: “Golf is really hard and you’re going to embarrass yourself.  I embarrass myself all the time.  So just don’t worry about it!”

“Everybody’s kind of working on their own golf game. You just got to go out there and figure out what works for you,” Homa encouraged. “Everybody’s golf swing is different… like snowflakes.”  

Speaking of golf swings, Homa teamed with Charles Barkley and AleveX to find the worst golf swing in America.  The deadline to enter is August 18 and the winner will be personally roasted by him and Barkley via video chat.

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